Tohoku Food Tourism

This year, we have arranged the selections of optional tours on Saturday, March 23rd, the day before the full and half marathon. Currently, we are offering three options as below:

  1. Minamisanriku Recovery Frontline & “Bounty of the Sea” Fishing Industry Experience Tour
  2. Tome’s Gourmet Treasures: Savoring Sendai Beef with Local Producers
  3. Onagawa Disaster Recovery Aid & Tsunami Remembrance on the Eve of Onagawa Festival Tour
  4. Touring Kamaishi Post-earthquake and Now: Rugby World Cup 2019
  5. Sake tour with Sake Samurai Yuki Aoi
  6. Kesennuma: Oysters, Sake, and Travel around a Reviving Town Tour
  7. Kesennuma: Miyagi Olle Trail Trekking Kesennuma/ Karakuwa Course

English translation will be available at all tours.

Please check out the details below and register early to secure your spots!

Please register here!

Hotel + Bus package, and Tohoku Food Night 2019

We are happy to share with you that the Sendai Hotel + Bus package as well as tickets for Tohoku Food Night have just been released in the KNT’s website as below:

For those who are looking for the hotels, and/or planning to join the fun night, do not forget to check out and register!