The overview of TOHOKU FOOD MARATHON & FESTIVAL 2018 just released!

We are very happy and extremely excited to announce the TOHOKU FOOD MARATHON & FESTIVAL2018! You will surely enjoy not only the running, but also the beauty of Tohoku region, variety of fresh and delicious foods, and selections of excellent Sake at the Park!

Please kindly see below for the details.
We will look forward to your registration!

March 24 and 25, 2018
Naganuma Futopia Park (the same as last year),
Miyagi-ken Tome-shi Hasamach?kitakata Amagata 161-84, JAPAN

♪March 24(SAT), 2018♪

- Relay-Marathon:
JPY18,000 for team of 4-6 Additional JPY3,000 per runner up to 8.
*You can form a team of 4-8 runners, take a turn running a course of about 1.5km each around the Park, and complete the half-marathon distance (21km) within 2.5 hours time limit.

♪March 25(SUN), 2018♪

- Full-Marathon:
JPY8,000 (6 hours limit)

- Half-Marathon:
JPY6,000 (3 hours limit)

- ASICS Tomorrow Running:
Only for Kids in Tohoku

- 5km Running:
JPY4,500 (45 min limit)

Also, you will be able to enjoy below events:

- TOME FOOD FESTIVAL: March 24 (SAT) and 25 (SUN)
- TOHOKU SAKE FESTIVAL: March 24 (SAT) and 25 (SUN)

The registration will start at noon on October 10, 2017 (JAPAN TIME), so please register early since the spot will be filled in first-come first-serve basis!


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