For all runners for TOHOKU FOOD MARATHON 2020: Entry deferred from 2020 to 2021 edition

Dear all runners for TOHOKU FOOD MARATHON 2020,

First of all, thank you very much for your interest and registration for TOHOKU FOOD MARATHON 2020. Your interest and participation matter very much to us, those in Tohoku, and we truly wish your continuous participation and support going forward.

Following the WHO’s declaration on March 11th that “the global coronavirus crisis is now a pandemic”, as well as the recent announcement from Japanese government on March 19th, we have again been carefully analyzing the situation and discussing diligently as to how we will address the issue. We, as Organizing Committee of Tohoku Food Marathon & Festival 2020, have today decided to wholly cancel the Tohoku Food Marathon & Festival 2020, especially due to the risk of “outbreak” by gathering thousands of runners from all over Japan and around the globe.

At the same time, we hereby would like to announce the Tohoku Food Marathon & Festival 2021, to be held in late April, 2021 (most likely to be on April 24th and 25th, but to be finalized and confirmed in the next two months). For those who have registered for TOHOKU FOOD MARATHON 2020, we would like to keep your registration valid for TOHOKU FOOD MARATHON 2021, without any additional cost and procedure for registration. For those who would not want this arrangement, we will only mail you the event T-shirt for TOHOKU FOOD MARATHON 2020. In any case, all the details will be decided and announced via e-mail within the next 2 months, but in the meantime, please kindly plan your trip to Tohoku in late April, 2021!

As you may be aware of, the next year will be 10th year after the Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami occurred in 2011. Thus, we will make our Tohoku Food Marathon & Festival 2021 a memorial one, not only for those in Tohoku, but also for all including yourself who have cared about us and kindly supported us in several ways in the last several years since 2011. We truly wish that you gather together in Tohoku in such a memorial year, and look forward to spending a precious moment together enjoying the beauty of Tohoku and its regional specialties, of course, including delicious food and fresh sake.

For any inquiry or additional questions regarding these arrangements, please e-mail to the dedicated support desk at

Finally, but most importantly, our thoughts are with all those who are affected by the novel coronavirus and their friends/family. We strongly hope that the situation will be relieved and resolved as early as possible.

Thank you very much again for your interest, care, and support.
Your kind understanding on the above is highly appreciated.

Organizing Committee of Tohoku Food Marathon & Festival 2020